Hot Water.

We make it easy for you to choose a hot water system that suits your budget, your location, and the environment!

Electric, Gas or Solar – we handle the lot, and can help you select the system that’s best suited to your situation. We carry only the best names in the business, and with a qualified team of plumbers and electricians on hand, we back it up with professional installation, service & repairs.

Continuous Flow

Never run out of hot water again with a continuous flow hot water system. This efficient and compact unit only heats the water when it is needed and additional water controllers add precise temperature control for convenience & safety.


Whether it's gas or electric Wade's has a hot water storage system to suit any sized home or business. Single and Twin element Electric storage tanks, Gas storage tanks are ideal solutions for easily replacing existing storage tank installations. The complete range and mix of sizing options ensure there is a hot water tank right for your application.


Living in Australia, it only makes sense to harness the clean, inexhaustible and free supply of energy from The Sun. Our range of highly efficient solar hot water systems helps reduce your carbon footprint whilst enjoying savings. To ensure there’s always hot water for those not so sunny days, an electric or gas booster is added to the system. Plus receive the most up-to-date advice on government rebates, to put more money back in your pocket!