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Lister House

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Lister House Medical Clinic in Baillie Street Horsham has been operating for over 80 years providing GP and nursing services to the community 7 days a week. Lister House recently renovated and extended their building to deliver their wide range of medical services and to help make their patients more comfortable.

As a part of this process, the Clinic investigated the use of solar power to offset the rising power prices for its large premises as they were a significant cost to the business. Lister House are now enjoying the benefits of a solar system on their roof. Practice Manager Rob Phillips explains.

“We were investigating ways to save money on our power bill each year so we contacted Wades. We had thought of solar but needed expert advice as we were concerned with the up front cost of solar.

Adrian Wade recommended a 20 kilowatt system for our roof to help us cut costs and also be more ‘green’ – a notion most important to us at Lister House.
“We chose not to buy the system up front, instead Wades were able to supply and install the system for us using a Power Purchase Agreement. This allowed us to preserve our capital as there was no up front costs and allows us to be cash flow positive from day one.

In the end the decision was easy – why wouldn’t we do it? We have locked in a portion of our bills at a low rate and we also protect ourselves from future power price rises. As we pay the system off we will save even more in the future.
Now we are seeing a significant reduction in our power bills each month. The very first month we saw a 60% reduction in our electricity bill. The system is remote monitored and maintained for the entire agreement which gives us the peace of mind to know that it always working to its optimum.”

A most important part of our process was the back up support – we didn’t want to be left with a system in a years’ time that wasn’t working or performing at its maximum. Adrian and his team at Wades have followed up the install with regular visits to ensure the system is tweaked and working very well for us. They are also the warranty agents in case of any malfunction in the system.’

If you are looking for more information to save you money on your home or business power bills, please contact Adrian Wade on 5382 3823.